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Family issues and disputes are often deeply emotional. Especially when there are children involved, you need an experienced and compassionate family law attorney who can look out for your family's best interests. At the Law Office of Leena Bhasin, we provide personalized legal services for families and individuals in the Pearland, TX area.

From adoption and CPS cases to child support and child custody disputes, our lead attorney will guide you through the legal process to reach the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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Do you qualify for child support modifications?

Has your situation changed significantly since a child support order was first put in place? You might have an opportunity to make a child support modification. Attorney Bhasin will walk you through all of the steps it will take to file a petition.

The state of Texas requires that at least one of these conditions are met in order to modify a support order:

  • Your order was established more than three years ago
  • The monthly amount differs by more than $100 or 20% of the amount that would be awarded according to current guidelines.
  • There has been a material and substantial change since the last order was made

If your income has changed significantly or you now owe support for additional children, that might be considered a substantial change under current Texas laws. To learn more about the process for making a child support modification, contact our law office today.