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Want to become a U.S. citizen? Concerned about the legal status of your spouse or relatives? The immigration process in the U.S. can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With laws and procedures changing rapidly, you need an experienced Immigration attorney to guide you every step of the way. Rely on Leena Bhasin, at the Law Office of Leena Bhasin, in Pearland, TX.

Leena Bhasin can also assist with any deportation proceedings including bond hearings, Asylum applications and Naturalization applications.

She can stand by your side to help you avoid common mistakes and errors that would delay your journey or jeopardize your chances. Call today to discuss the details of your situation with a compassionate family immigration attorney.

Providing comprehensive support with immigration law

There are several forms to fill out and hearings to attend during your immigration process. If you're unsure where to start, contact us for personalized immigration services. We can assist you with:

  • Obtaining a green card either through work or based on a family member
  • Filling out a K-1 visa for your fiancĂ© abroad
  • Acquiring business or student visa
  • Handling deportations, bond hearings
  • Asylum application requests
  • Filing naturalization applications

If you have any immigration problems, we can advise you on what to do next. Reach out today to speak with attorney Bhasin about our immigration services.